Bed Net Beckham’s L.A. Debut

July 21, 2007

Malaria No More spokesman David Beckham made his public debut with the L.A. Galaxy this evening, where he was wildly cheered for tying his shoelaces–and for playing soccer for 15 glorious minutes (in spite of a nasty ankle injury).

Malaria No More‘s goal is is to end deaths caused by malaria, which claims more than a million lives a year and is the #1 killer of kids under 5 in sub-Saharan Africa. Find out how to bed net it like Becks and help at

Buy a bed net for ten bucks & save somebody’s life!


6 Responses to “Bed Net Beckham’s L.A. Debut”

  1. Chaz said

    L.A. has gone bloody mad for Beckham. I’ve never seen so many good-looking birds at a football game in my life. That would include the governator’s missus.

  2. It’s funny you say that as at least a dozen soccer/Beckham fans in our section spent much of the game trying to get a glimpse of Arnold & Maria (who were in the suite at the top of our section).

  3. Chaz said

    So you were at the game, were you? Is PhilanthroFlash a football fan then?

  4. Green Street Hooligans made me take a closer look. And yes, I was at the game (Section 112 Row H). If 10% of every Beckham T-shirt sold were to go to malaria bed nets, the disease would be under control in no time.

  5. he finally played, what merchandise can you get in the states, I see the poster is avalible already

  6. Try the mlsgear site: If apparel’s not your thing, you could always buy a bed net in his honor.

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